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Tech Review: Sony SRS-BTM8 Wireless Speaker

Sony-SRS-BTM8-portable-speakersI was recently sent the Sony SRS-BTM8 Wireless Speaker to review.

It was actually good timing as my previous stereo had packed in so I had been looking at other stereos and speakers to get back in the game. The wireless ones were something that intrigued me. The idea was great, but I just was not sure whether the sound quality and link would be any good.

Then the Sony speaker arrived.

Taking it out the box I noticed how stylish it looked although it does have a bit of the hand bag vibe to it. That is mainly due to the handle which makes it so easy to carry around wherever you want it.

There was a mains adapter, but I went for the full wireless thing and put in the 4 AA batteries required. They give approximately 20 hours of playback which is not too shabby.

A quick scan of the instructions and I had linked up my iPhone with the speaker via Bluetooth. Between taking it out of the box, hunting for batteries and pressing play it had taken about 5 minutes.
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