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Microsoft’s new XBox to be out for Christmas 2013


It seems that with no major new games console out since 2006, things are beginning to move forward.

The WiiU has been the most recent new games console. I still have to try out the new controller, but it does look good.

Now word is that the next version of Microsoft’s Xbox video-game machine is scheduled to be available for the holiday season in 2013.

The new device is planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas sales, said a source for Bloomsberg.

Sony are also planning to release an updated PlayStation at somepoint.

The current Xbox 360 is still proving popular, selling 750,000 over the week around Thanksgiving.

The new console is expected to simply be called Xbox and is expected to have “four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores” and 8GB of RAM.

The next Xbox will also support Blu-Ray discs, according to Gizmodo, feature directional audio, TV output and input, have an “innovative controller” and introduce Kinect 2.0. Supposedly, AR glasses like Google Glasses will be released in later stages of the next Xbox.


Skydrive gets a makeover

Hotmail recently became Outlook with a whole new look and feel to it. Now Skydrive has had a similar makeover.

SkyDrive now has a new, more modern web design, refined SkyDrive apps for PCs and Macs, a new SkyDrive app for Android devices, and improved developer offerings. These updates bring SkyDrive out of preview and ready for a billion users – in time for the upcoming releases of Windows 8, the new, and the new Office.

  • – New, modern design for desktop and tablet browsers with instant search, contextual toolbar, thumbnail multi-select, drag-and-drop organization, and HTML5 sorting
  • SkyDrive for Windows desktop & OS X – Faster uploads for people around the world and tons of bug and performance improvements under the hood
  • SkyDrive for Android – A new app that lets you access, upload and share from Android phones
  • SkyDrive for developers – Apps built using our SkyDrive API can now store or access any type of file in a person’s SkyDrive, plus there’s a new, easy-to-use file picker API for websites (similar to our file picker for Windows 8 apps)

You can now quickly search for a file anywhere in your SkyDrive, including the content of Office documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. There is a contextual toolbar to make common actions and commands easier. You can select multiple files in thumbnail view, rearrange your photos the way you want, and drag and drop files and folders.

More info here.