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New SMS Anywhere App Provides an Alternative to Expensive Mobile Services

CS Networks, the provider of reliable, high-throughput SMS services, has unveiled its new app, SMS Anywhere.

The app offers a number of groundbreaking features, including full inbox integration, free messaging between members and reduced rates for messages to nonmembers. With SMS Anywhere, users can reduce their mobile usage bills by sending and receiving text messages for discounted rates.

“SMS Anywhere is a revolutionary new technology that is going to save a lot of people significant time and money,” said Stefan Certic of CS Networks. “None of our competitors can match SMS Anywhere’s value and convenience. The app can fully integrate with your existing inbox, which allows our users to switch to SMS Anywhere in moments, without any difficult setup. Plus, our free and reduced rate messaging blows major service carriers completely out of the water.” Read the rest of this entry


Ubuntu Phone Heading Our Way

ubuntu-phoneOn 2nd January 2013 (Happy New Year by the way) news of an Ubuntu phone was announced.

Ubuntu is a computer operating system based on the Debian Linux distribution and distributed as free and open source software, using its own desktop environment. It is named after the Southern African philosophy of ubuntu (“humanity towards others”). Another translation could be: “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”- Wiki

Canonical, the developers of Ubuntu, say that Ubuntu Phone will have a new edition of the Ubuntu operating system derived from Debian GNU/Linux and targeted at smartphones and tablets.

“We are defining a new era of convergence in technology, with one unified operating system that underpins cloud computing, data centers, PCs, and consumer electronics,” said Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and products VP at Canonical.

“When you turn on the Ubuntu phone you’ll see something strikingly different. You’ll see a beautiful reflection of yourself, a visualization of your life crafted by an artist, ever-changing, totally personal, and completely unique, just like you.”

Shuttleworth described how the OS makes full use of a phone’s screen, providing access to content and apps from every edge. For example, he demonstrated how a short swipe from the left edge reveals a user’s favorite apps. What’s more, a full left-to-right swipe opens a screen showing all the applications that are running. Swiping up from the bottom edge of the phone reveals app controls.
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Microsoft drop a wall on passers-by to show off their Live Tiles

This film was shot downtown Oslo (Norway) to highlight one of the key innovations of Windows 8: Live Tiles. Showing the preview functionality of Live Tiles made for an evening to remember.

Designed by McCann Oslo, the campaign highlights the ability of the “Live Tiles” tool on Windows 8 to find and display real-time information from apps.

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Cool App: Paper from Fifty Three

As well has having a new wonderful Colour mixing and blending features Paper 1.2.1 also includes new pressure sensitivity. This works in conjunction with TenOne Design’s Pogo Connect Bluetooth stylus, which requires no calibration to use. It works just like a normal rubber-tipped stylus, except information about how hard you’re pressing is sent to the app via Bluetooth.

Obviously of great benefit to digital artists.

Check out the official site.


Paper is alive with color. Bring your creations to life using our collection of brilliantly expressive Palettes and mix your own colors with the Mixer—a completely new way to explore color and the biggest leap in color controls in the past 40 years. Built on our powerful new color technology, the Mixer combines an intuitive mixing control and our custom blending for color that looks and feels right. Welcome to a colorful new world of possibilities.

You can find Paper over on iTunes.

Color / Mix it Up from FiftyThree on Vimeo.