New SMS Anywhere App Provides an Alternative to Expensive Mobile Services

CS Networks, the provider of reliable, high-throughput SMS services, has unveiled its new app, SMS Anywhere.

The app offers a number of groundbreaking features, including full inbox integration, free messaging between members and reduced rates for messages to nonmembers. With SMS Anywhere, users can reduce their mobile usage bills by sending and receiving text messages for discounted rates.

“SMS Anywhere is a revolutionary new technology that is going to save a lot of people significant time and money,” said Stefan Certic of CS Networks. “None of our competitors can match SMS Anywhere’s value and convenience. The app can fully integrate with your existing inbox, which allows our users to switch to SMS Anywhere in moments, without any difficult setup. Plus, our free and reduced rate messaging blows major service carriers completely out of the water.”

SMS Anywhere represents a new generation of third-party mobile messaging apps that improves upon existing technology. Its full inbox integration allows users to seamlessly keep track of their SMS conversations, and the app does not require its users to start from scratch when they make the switch from their previous mobile messaging carrier. All previous conversation and inbox data is maintained intact and is available through SMS Anywhere.

Also included in the app’s features is the ability for SMS Anywhere members to send unlimited free messages to other members. In addition, the app offers severely reduced rates for member to nonmember messaging, as well as for international messaging, making it a much more affordable alternative to most popular mobile service providers.

CS Networks is a major international gateway and mobile security company providing service to more than 220 countries. The company’s high throughput capacity allows users to send and receive SMS messages securely and without compromising data transfer speeds.

“CS Networks is a global leader in SMS communication technology,” said Certic. “We are proud to offer outstanding software and solutions to complement our already popular services. SMS Anywhere meets the high standards of CS Networks, and we are confident that it will be a hit with mobile users across the globe.”

The SMS Anywhere app is available for download at



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