What would we do if the Internet stopped working?

In the words of Ron Burgundy, the Internet is “kind of a big deal.” Most of us use it every day. You are only reading these words because of it and we take it for granted.

What would be do if the Internet suddenly crashed?

Scientist Danny Hillis, during a recent TED Talk, said the Internet’s current population exposes a new vulnerability.

Danny Hillis Ted Talk

“The Internet was designed with the assumption that the communications links could not be trusted, but that the people that connected computers to the Internet were smart and trustworthy,” Hillis told Mashable. “Those assumptions no longer apply.”

“We’re setting ourselves up for a kind of disaster like the [one] we had with the financial system, where we take a system that was basically built on trust — was basically built for a smaller scale system — and we’ve kind of expanded it way beyond the limits of how it was meant to operate,” Hillis explained.

“Since this presentation, many people have told me those stories are only the tip of the iceberg,” but he has heard from people working on a backup plan.

“So, while I am concerned to hear that things are already worse than I assumed, I’m also heartened that smart minds are starting to focus on solutions. Like so many other infrastructure problems, this one is likely to eventually get fixed. The question will be just how much pain we will have to accept before we fix it.”


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