Indoor Aerials Will Reduce Interference From 4G Broadband Signals

SV 9385 angle lores

The introduction of 4G may enable you to download content and stream video on your mobile devices at amazing speeds. But what will it do to your TV reception?
The rollout of 4G across the 800MHz spectrum could result in up to two million UK homes suffering interference to their Freeview signals, warns TV aerial market leader One For All.  This is especially likely in areas close to a 4G LTE* transmitter or where the Freeview signal is already weak, and in blocks of flats with a single master aerial.


To help tackle this problem, One For All is launching two new indoor aerials with a built-in 4G LTE filter which will reduce interference from 4G broadband signals.  The filter works by cleaning the transmission being received by the set top box, so that all signals above the 790MHz spectrum are filtered out.  This eliminates the 4G spectrum which would otherwise cause a Freeview box to potentially overload and receive no picture.
The top-of-the-range SV9395 is an amplified indoor antenna that enables you to enjoy the best TV reception up to Full HD and also in 3D.  Its 360 degree multi-patch technology increases the reception capability and means the aerial can be placed flat, standing or on the wall.  It has a touch control digital amplifier up to 51dB for optimal signal reception and is DVB-T/T2, Freeview and DAB compatible.
SV 9395 multiple placement

The SV9385 is a smaller, equally stylish indoor antenna.  It also achieves minimal interference due to its active noise reduction filters including the innovative 4G LTE filter and a GSM-block filter.  Dual-patch technology gives it a wide 180 degree reception angle and it has an adjustable digital amplifier up to 47dB.
Both the new aerials come with gold-plated coaxial cables and will work up to 15 miles from the nearest TV transmitter.
To find out how far away you live from the transmitter, please visit: from your computer or smartphone and follow the steps for Aerials.
RRPs are £49.99 for the SV9395 and £39.99 for the SV9385.
For more information visit:

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