Google Glass will pass sound through your skull

project-glass1There have been lots of rumours and speculation about Google Glass over the past few months. This is the project to make augmented reality glasses.

We have seen images and videos on how the images will work, but now documents filed with American regulators show the hardware, due to be introduced in later this year in an experimental form, uses “bone conduction” to create sound instead of a traditional speaker.

This works by sending vibrations through the skull to the inner ear. The technology is not new, but does make sense for Project Glass.

If you had to use headphones then that could be dangerous while walking or driving. However, bone conduction means you would still be able to hear what is going on around you.

Google filed a patent for bone conduction spectacles last month, and the Federal Communication Commission this week published it approval for Google Glass, including “integral vibrating element that provides audio to the user via contact with the user’s head”.

The plan is for the glasses to be commercially available from next year.

Source: Business Insider


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