Facebook reveal Graph Search

graph searchFacebook had been dropping hints that they would be revealing something big.

That something big turns out to be a new way of searching on Facebook.

Called graph search it allows users to make “natural” searches of content shared by their friends on Facebook. For example you could search for “friends who like Brad Pitt and The Walking Dead.” It finds things that have been shared on Open Graph. That is the feature of Facebook that shares apps you use, photos you comment on, and music you listen to.

Founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg stressed that it was not a web search although it would use Microsoft’s Bing search engine for situations when graph search itself could not find answers.

Zuckerberg said that graph search would launch immediately as a beta test, and would roll out “very slowly”. The tool will be usable from the blue banner that sits at the top of every Facebook page.

“We’re going to put an encouragement on the home screen of everyone’s account so that everyone has the chance to look through these tools.

“We’re going to do this before graph search is fully rolled out.”

Of course you could search for things on Facebook using Google. All you have to do for that is us the following:

“search_term” site:facebook.com

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s new Graph Search?

Source: BBC


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