3D Print: Atlas from Portal 2

Atlas Psychobob

The world of 3D printing has still yet to break on through to the mainstream consciousness. While many of what we hear about the process is about making pieces of machinery or medical items there is also lots of work being done in other fields.

One such use is to make cool action figures or statues. This gives the whole 3D printing process more of a Wow factor and results in some amazing pieces.

Case in point, YouTube user Psychobob put together this amazing sculpture of Atlas from Portal 2.

He also talks about 3D printing over on his blog.

3D printing is said to be “cheap” and affordable, but unfortunately that’s not something I would completely agree with. It’s at it’s lowest and most affordable price to the public consumer, but it’s still expensive enough to be something you can’t afford to do every week (especially when you add up the material costs for post-printing work) and it’s something that can quickly become expensive once you get over a certain sized print. So I wanted to see if I could bring the costs down by ‘scratch building’ certain parts instead of 3D printing the entire thing.

It looks absolutely incredible and the videos below show the work that went into it.


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