Halloween Fun: Make A Spooky Face In A Mirror

It is Halloween at the end of the month so here is a cool effect for a Halloween party or event using LCD screens.

I created a “spooky face in-the-mirror” special effect in 2009. The effect is of three green glowing framed mirrors that have a spooky face which appears to move from frame to frame on a continuous loop throughout the event. The effect was created with 3 UNG DRILL frames from IKEA, which I painted fluorescent green. The UNG DRILL frames come with clear plastic which you can either use as a measuring guide to have 2-way mirror custom routed/cut, which I did, or you may try to use a 2-way mirror film to apply to the included plastic. I purchased 3 of the most inexpensive widescreen 19″ LCD’s I could find. The initial installation enabled me to place widescreen LCD panels behind faux walls, mounting the frames flush on the walls. I wanted to be able to use the frames elsewhere when I would have to have the LCD display taking up space behind the frame, so I designed an ornate black frame inspired by wrought iron filagree which was cut from black Sintra, a pvc sheet product which can be computer cut by a CNC router. I used a heat bender to raise the framework out from the wall just enough to accomodate the LCD panel. It works very well at hiding the display and visually anchors the mirror to the wall.

The video below shows it in action.

Full instructions over at Instructables.


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