Google Street View heading back to the iPhone

Since the iOS 6 update that say Google Maps expunged from the system people have been talking about the new Apple Maps. That talk has not been particularly flattering, although I do know a few people who are fine with it.

It does not appear that Google Maps will be back on your iPhone or iPad any time soon (although you can just bookmark and use it in your web browser), but it appears the Google Street View will be back with us in a couple of weeks.

According to the New York Times the reasons why Apple dropped Google Maps was because:

Google, it says, was saving all the best features for phones that run its Android software. For example, the iPhone app never got spoken directions or vector maps (smooth lines, not tiles of pixels), long after those features had come to rival phones.

The even greater issue may be data. Every time you use Google’s maps, you’re sending data from your phone to Google. That information — how you’re using maps, where you’re going, which roads actually exist — is extremely valuable; it can be used to improve both the maps and Google’s ability to deliver location-based offers and advertising.

Apple, of late, has been disentangling itself from Google. (It also eliminated the YouTube app from iOS 6, although Google quickly released a free downloadable app.) So when it came time to renew its contract, Apple declined. It was no longer interested in supplying so much valuable user data to its rival.

What are your thoughts on the new Apple Maps?



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