Random Bits – Mars, iPhone 5, iOS6, Blackberry and more

Unsurprisingly there are many stories focussing on Apple and the iPhone 5. However, other things have been happening in the world of technology. We will get to the iPhone 5 news after these bits and pieces.

– Richard Branson wants to go to Mars and get a colony started there – CBS

– Blackberry’s Vodafone network collapsed this morning, but should be back to normal now – Telegraph

– Researchers create working quantum bit in silicon, pave way for PCs of the future – engadget

– A mother who discovered on Facebook that her daughter had died after police had failed to contact her has made an official complaint – BBC

– Sony have unveiled a new and slimmer Playstation 3 – Engadget

Now some Apple news.

– The iPhone 5 is easier to fix than the iPhone 4S – iFixit

– One of the World’s first iPhone users said that having to queue to get one was “absolutely retarded, superficial and pretentious.” – The Register

– Apple realised their new maps are rubbish so are hiring people to fix them – Gizmodo

– iOS 6 was on 15% of Apple’s mobile devices within 24 hours of its release – Chitika


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