Random Bits – Tech news

– Google chiefs could face UK MPs over tax avoidance schemes – The Independent

– The image on the left is from the world’s highest-resolution colour printer. It looks grainy because it is an extreme close-up of an image that measures just 50 micrometres across. That is the same width as a human hair. Each pixel in these ultra-resolution images is made up of four nanoscale posts capped with silver and gold nanodisks. By varying the diameters of the structures (which are tens of nanometres) and the spaces between them, it’s possible to control what colour of light they reflect – Nature

– Judge orders Apple and Samsung counsellors on the patent infringement trial to meet face to face. Samsung designer, Hyong Shin Park, had been barred from giving testimony – CNet

– Google updates search algorithm to demote piracy sites – Hexus.net

– Five Best Desktop Keyboards – Lifehacker

– Twitter reports that they had over 150 million Tweets about the Olympics over the past 16 days.

– Google confirms 4,000 Motorola Mobility job cuts – NY Times

– Pitfall creator David Crane is seeking funding for a new game, JungleVenture, via Kickstarter.

– The image below may be the motherboard for the iPhone 5 according to a user on the WeiPhone forum – CNet

– Finally, some amazing underwater footage of dolphins captured on a GoPro Hero 2 camera inside a custom-made torpedo. It really is incredible to watch.

The Blue from Mark Peters on Vimeo.


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