Microsoft’s Hotmail is becoming Outlook

For those of you with a Hotmail account you now have the option to update to the new Microsoft Outlook. Visually the whole thing has been given a facelift making things easier on the eye. Like anything new it takes a moment to get back up to speed, but it soon becomes second nature.

The redesign will be familiar to anyone with a Windows Phone.

Online document viewing and editing has been given an upgrade, thanks to integration with Office 365, Microsoft’s suite of web apps including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Now you can view and modify documents right from within the email that the document was attached to.

Just like Google Talk in Gmail, allows you to chat to your Windows Live Messenger contacts, and even your Facebook friends, from within your email inbox thanks to a dedicated right-hand chat panel. Skype has also been integrated.

If you want to make sure you get the right email name get over there quick and claim it before somebody else does.

Here is the official blurb. was built to help you get more done by integrating the information from social networks your friends already use. Office and SkyDrive are built right in, and we get the Greymail out of your way so you can get through your email fast.

Open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with full fidelity right in your inbox. Save Office documents, photos or other large files and share them with friends without having to deal with attachments, using SkyDrive.

Your address book comes alive with today’s photos, statuses and updates. You can see your friends’ photos and the latest updates from Outlook, Facebook or other social networks. gives you the best spam protection in the industry, with the best tools to get rid of the newsletters, social updates and daily deals so you can get to the email you want. Fast.


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