iPhone 5 dock connector may be a micro-USB port

Apple’s iPhone 5 is due out later this year. Recently some rumours surfaced saying that the dock connector would be different to those on previous iPhones.

This was worrying to consumers and third party suppliers as, if it was true, then many peripherals (speakers, computer docks etc) would be rendered obsolete if you got the new phone.

Some news today seems to suggest there is no need to worry and the new dock connector may actually be more useful than we first thought.

Word is that it will be a 19-pin port that would actually be mechanically and electrically compatible with

IF this is true then it would be able to do all the things that Apple and third party manufacturers need for iPhone and iPod peripherals. That includes hardware controls, digital data, audio, video, and power according to Gizmodo.

You would still need an adaptor (as imagined in the image below via Mela) to make current peripherals work on the new iPhone but you would be able to use any micro-USB cellphone charger for the phone.

Top Image is a 3D render by Martin Hajek.


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